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Terms of Services
Explicitly excluding the Guaranteed Austech

AUSTECH does not offer any guaranteed or assured results, particularly with regards to Austech. We do not guarantee an increase in the number of customers or prospects. Although the idea is to work for achieving the same, and our ethical and scalable Austech would produce the desired results, however, we provide no guarantee of the same.

Any sort of hidden employment of any third-party Austech while Austech is working on the project would claim the terms of service null and void. In such an event, we are not obliged to provide any refunds or guarantees.

We, at Austech are certainly not liable for any content to be found on the client’s website, or the loss of rankings emerging out of the unfair techniques employed by a third party and / or without our knowledge or approval.

Conditions of Use
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Disclaimers and Liabilities
The delivery of information via this site is subject to a lot of factors, including the availability of data communication protocols and services. We shall try everything in our reach to avoid delays and / or interruptions, but we at Austech shall not be responsible for any delays or interruptions whatsoever. The information is provided with any intent for guarantees or warranties.

Austech shall not be held responsible in any manner under a situation where damages may arise out of: malware system attacks, defects, line or performance failure, transmission error or delays caused because of the same, technical inadequacy etc. The condition still holds true even in the event of the negligence being caused by the Austech, or any of our representatives has been made aware about the same.

Although we always endeavor to keep the website content error free and up to date, we shall not be liable for any harmless mistakes such as incorrect images or incorrect information or any typos and errors. We also reserve the right to take down any content or information from the website, subjected to no notice in advance. We do not intend on bypassing anyone’s proprietary or ownership and in even where we are notified about the copyright infringement, we’d be glad and prompt in taking that particular piece of content down immediately.

The content furnished on the website does not, in any condition whatsoever, amounts to confidentiality or legal advice. Visitors should practice their own discretion while accessing the content and the website of Austech
Furthermore, we shall, under no circumstance whatsoever shall be liable for the content of the external links. We do not take the ownership for the content being published on the external links and shall in no respect endorse the same.

The conditions of use and terms of services can be changed any time without any prior knowledge. The revisions shall be considered once they go live. Visitors to the website and users are expected to confirm the same prior to entering into any work agreements.